Our Testimonials

Tammy by communicating with my mother on the other side had allowed me closure from years of abuse I suffered. She spoke so compassionately about the physical and sexual abuse I suffered at my moms hands. She allowed me to say the things i needed to finally heal. She taught me how to close the door. 10 years later she still teaches me so much about what life can be.
Not a victim anymore

I’m as skeptic as they come, so when I set my initial few readings up with Tammy, I created a fake email name and a fake first name. Within 10 minutes Tammy had me in tears and a total believer (of her atleast). She spoke of my daughter who died by suicide. She told me my daughter kept showing her her hands, signifying that she was responsible for her own passing. She spoke of the argument that I had with my daughter the last time I seen her. She also said it was two lives lost that day, that my daughter was pregnant. This is something we told no one, not even family. To say she’s changed my life is a small statement. I was able to bring my husband, who challenged her with misinformation, yet each time she came through with the truth.
I will close with the name I’ve used Polly.

Kim Wagenschutz

Our son passed away around 8 months ago. My husband and I had a reading with Tammy. My husband, forever skeptical, sat down at the table. Tammy explained the process and asked if his brother went by another name. She continued to say his name and responded to my husband with the answer he has always been waiting for, how his brother passed. As time went on, Tammy turned to my husband and said, “will you take me out of the car please. And move the baseball”. My husband looked at her with huge eyes! Tammy replied, “that was from your son. Does that makes sense?” My husband (with tears in his eyes) turned to Tammy and said, “Yes. I keep some of his ashes in the car with a baseball on top. My wife didn’t even know that.”
My husband is a believer. He is comforted by knowing our son is with him and watching over him. And one more thing…our son told my husband that the thing he is most proud of is his middle name because he shares that with him.

Laura Book

I’ve had several readings from Tammy now and each one still leaves such an impression. Tammy read my life and people around me like she grew right along with us. Her insight to my future has always been accurate, even when I tried to fight it! With a sense of love, comfort, and compassion she always makes me feel better than when we first started talking. Tammy has changed my life path for the better and I couldn’t be more grateful to have been introduced to Tammy.

Carol Koschmider

My first reading with Tammy Schuster was on 02/19/2019.
I offered no information except my first name. She communicated with my father immediately, who passed in 1972. She told me things that I didn’t even ask , she answered questions before they were spoken. I had alot of unsettled torment in my life with family and she addressed all of that without any prompting. I now live a happier , and kinder life because of her abilities to connect with the otherside.